Thursday, August 27, 2015

Community Chronicles with Jan Yates: September 22!

As part of our Art of 40 Celebration, exhibiting artist and educator Jan Yates is offering Community Chronicles!

This adult workshop invites you to share your memories in the form of a large scale collage.  Bring your pictures, letters and documents and help us share Grimsby's rich history!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Glass Collage Hands-On Demo: THIS SUNDAY!

Join us Sunday, August 30th as Silva Talmassons demonstrates how to create collage using glass!

Silva owns Alvis Creations, a mixture of stained glass and metal creations, including ornaments and decorative art.

This "How to" Demo is a can't miss!

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Talent to Amuse: Opening September 5!!

A Talent to Amuse
A Retrospective of Works by Tim Story
September 4-October 18, 2015

Opening Reception:
Sunday, September 13

Raised in Grimsby, Ontario, Tim Storey is known for his whimsical ceramic creations; particularly his teapots, and masterful use of applied textures and lustres in clay. Expect exotic beasts, dragons, ships, (water and space) architecture and more!

Since graduating from Sheridan College’s School of Design [ceramics] in 1973, Tim has been combining a variety of hand-building techniques with form, function, and a wry sense of humour. Dragons, elephants, giraffes, steamships, spaceships, birds , houses, skyscrapers and snails have all emerged from his workshop; many in the guise of teapots. Tim’s work can be found in many major North American collections, private, public and corporate. His work has been exhibited widely in one man shows, group exhibitions, and ceramic competitions in North America and Europe. Since 1981 Tim has lived in the Upper Ottawa Valley with his wife Artist/Blacksmith Lydia VanderStaal.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last week of Summer Art Camp: Deep Sea Adventures!

We're getting ready for our final week of GPAG Summer Art Camps! Join us August 24-28 for Deep Sea Adventures!!!

Last chance, Register today!

Week 6: August 24-28

Deep Sea Adventures
Regular 1/2 day:
Members $80/ Non-members $96

Yarrr mateys! What fascinating creatures and lost treasures lie at the bottom of the ocean? Students will explore the watery depths through art projects inspired by sea life, ship wrecks, mythological creatures and much more!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Art of 40: Beginning September 1st!

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is proud to announce the beginning of the Art of 40!

Featuring the work of artists Alisa Cunnington and Jan YatesThe Art of 40 will consist of two installations in the Rotary Clubs of Grimsby Sculpture Garden, near the main entrance to the Grimsby Public Art Gallery. 

These exciting installations will address the 40 year relationship between GPAG and local and regional communities within which we exist, while we celebrate this significant milestone and will look toward future achievements. 

Join us in celebration on Friday, September 25 from 7pm-9pm, the Artists will be present!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Call for Artists: Doors Open Grimsby!

Doors Open Grimsby approaches, and we need some help painting doors!

Paint a door as part of a team or individually and showcase your creativity!

Contact the Gallery at your earliest to express interest.  If you need a door, we've got them!

Doors must be completed by September 18, 2015 at 5pm.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fantasy Art Week Begins Monday!

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is gearing up for its 5th week of Summer Art Camps!  We've had Space Invaders, Wild Animal creations AND Comic creations.

Join us from August 17-21 for Fantasy Art Week!  This full week will invite you to use your imagination, create places, characters and so much more.  This summer favourite has limited spots left; register today!

Week 5: August 17 - 21

Fantasy Art Week
Regular 1/2 day:
Members $80/ Non-members $96

In a land far, far away, on a street named  Carnegie Lane, brave heroes and crafty villains will gather to  create wondrous works inspired by legends and myths of old. This is the perfect week for Fantasy-loving students!

Friday, August 07, 2015

"How it's Made" Demo: THIS SUNDAY!

We're only 3 days away from our exciting displays and demonstrations for How it's Made, a Threadworks 2013 session!

Join us for this afternoon Session from 2pm-4pm and see Regional Textile Artists demonstrate How it's Made!  Admission is free, RSVP to reserve a seat!

Demos will be given by Pat Menon, Susan Durham, Shirley Kilpatrick and Celia Cameron.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The Art of Grace: Auction & Fundraiser of the Work of Grace Cowling

In partnership with McNally House Hospice, the Grimsby Public Art Gallery is honoured to present: The Art of Grace: An Auction & Fundraiser of the Works of Grace Cowling.

We invite you to join us on Saturday, October 3 as we celebrate the incredible work of a true Canadian Artist and an incredible person.

Proceeds are to support McNally House Hospice and the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.

About Grace Cowling:

"My watercolours celebrate gifts of the earth and spirit so abundant in the Niagara region.  In my studio, surrounded with my regional photographs, pencil sketches and classical CDs, I synthesize and edit reality, inviting both restrained and expressive brush strokes to dance together.

I hope viewers can better treasure their time on earth.  Since September 11, 2001, I consider each new work a memorial, approaching it with reverent thought for one of the unknown fellow humans whose time on earth was so tragically terminated.

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and after 45 years in the Toronto area, I now enjoy my Grimsby home and studio in the heart of the Niagara region.

I have been impassioned by visual art from an early age when exposed to cherished books brought from England by my grandfather.  Painting in oils and with words 40 years ago led to meeting watercolour through calligraphy in 1985.  Calligraphic shapes and Celtic imagery excited my affinity for detail inherited from my paternal grandfather.

Samuel John Ireland, 1854-1915, studied in England and Europe before teaching at King's College, University of London.  He was chosen to emigrate in 1886 to be Principal of the Hamilton Art School.  There, he taught technical drawing to J.E.H. MacDonald, then a lad of fourteen, himself newly here from Scotland.  MacDonald was to become one of Canada's Group of Seven.

My development evolved through workshops with acclaimed watercolourists.  Membership and executive functions in the Toronto Watercolour Society and a Master Class at Sheridan College, Oakville, led to elected membership in CSPWC (Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour) and other signature memberships in both Canada and the USA.  The Federation of Canadian Artists, based in British Columbia, recently granted me Active Member status.  Enjoyed as well, has been a long time membership in COAA and, more recently, ECOAA (Central and East Central Ontario Art Associations).

Solo and juried show have generated media attention and numerous awards, respectively.  Collectors, private and corporate, national and international, enjoy my work as do clients through the services of three rental programs."

About McNally House Hospice:

Mission Statement

The McNally House Hospice program exists to provide a caring, supportive, residential hospice environment to patients and families within the Niagara West health care area.

Vision Statement

The McNally House Hospice is the leading residential hospice/palliative care program providing clinical services to all patients and families within the Niagara West community consistent with the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Associations Norms of Practice. The McNally House Hospice is a leader in hospice palliative care education, affiliated with academic institutions, and participates and supports palliative care research and scholarly work. The McNally House Hospice provides an alternative setting of skilled 24 hour Palliative Care for people living with a terminal illness, as well as those in their life circle. This care is responsive to the timing and needs of people in the last days of life. The Hospice is a collaborative community endeavour, with partnerships from existing health care institutions and broad community support.

Since 2008, McNally House Hospice is a residential setting that provides 24 hour specialized palliative care, free of charge, to people living with a terminal illness, as well as those in their life circle.

Serving the Niagara West communities of Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln, McNally House has an approach to palliative care that reflects the hospice philosophy, through our comprehensive and compassionate programs for residents and their families. Such care seeks to maximize the individual’s quality of life; the emphasis is on living rather than dying.

We recognize that when cure is not possible, providing care and comfort is the priority. We realize the value of attending to the emotional, social and spiritual needs along with the physical health care requirements. We view each person as having unique hopes, fears, anger, expectations and desires. Our caregivers inter-professionally collaborate to provide compassionate supportive, palliative, end of life care, which is client-centered, holistic and culturally sensitive.

The residential care area has 6 beds, all in private rooms and has nursing and personal support staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The focus is on the person and their family/loved ones and there are many areas available for them such as quiet rooms, outside space and family rooms.

Residential Care is supported by volunteers who assist in providing personal care as well as companionship.

About the Grimsby Public Art Gallery:

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery was founded in 1975 as a committee of the Grimsby Public Library Board, creating an active and accessible community art gallery in the lower level of the Library. In 1999 the Gallery became a separate sub-department of the Town of Grimsby, although we still share a building with the Library. In 2004 both Gallery and Library moved into a new purpose–built facility that has significantly enhanced our ability to fulfill all aspects of our mandate. The galley’s mandate/mission statement is:

1. To be a public, non-profit gallery, serving the Town of Grimsby and surrounding areas.
2. To be dedicated to the exhibition, preservation, encouragement, and collection of visual art of professional standard.
3. To provide lectures, seminars, workshops, tours, and other forms of public education relating to visual art.

Forging and maintaining connections with our community is of primary importance and we do this through our careful selection and presentation of exhibitions and programs. We preserve art by our responsible care of the permanent collection. We encourage visual art by maintaining a gallery that is open and welcoming to all visitors and by offering a range of thought provoking art and art related programs for all ages.

Many of the gallery’s most popular programs, including Wayzgoose, our internationally celebrated book arts fair, and Art In The Schools, our educational program of in-school exhibitions, as well as our special focus on multiples and works on paper, were established during the first few years of our existence. Since then, our focus has expanded to include fine craft, popular culture and environmental art. All are reflected in our permanent collection, which contains primarily works by Canadian artists, with a strong representation of artists from the Niagara region and Southern Ontario.  The distinct character and reputation of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery as a gallery that is both responsive to the needs of the community and ready to take risks with the work of contemporary artists, is evident in our exhibiting, collecting and programming activities.

The GPAG is well respected for the work we do serving the specific needs of the local and regional communities and across Ontario within the professional arts community. Our communities particularly value the work that we do to educate people of all ages about visual arts and to support and encourage creativity and creative thinking. Although our primary focus is visual art we are supportive and encouraging to all disciplines. Many of our programs are developed to encourage greater public access to the arts; recent additions to our programming include the Art House CafĂ©, a speaker’s series that focuses on the ideas of emerging scholars, and ArtsWalk, an outdoor event that encourages interactive presentations by practitioners of all arts disciplines. We also provide formal educational opportunities for all ages, with a particular focus on schools and children.

GPAG Summer Art Camps: Earth Week begins next week!

We're getting close to our next week of GPAG Summer Art Camps!

Join us from August 10-14 for Earth Week!  Explore unusual materials, and help the environment with your art!

Don’t throw it out, make it into Art! Students will be amazed to discover the infinite creative possibilities of every day objects, all you need is imagination and a love of nature! Be Green and grow through the Arts!

Week 4: August 10 - 15

Earth Week: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!
Regular 1/2 day:
Members $80/ Non-members $96